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  1. hymen man

    Shots fired at Ferguson anniversary protest ST. LOUIS — Officers have shot a man who police say opened fire on them in Ferguson, Missouri where protesters gathered en masse on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. The identity...
  2. hymen man

    FX' Fargo Wednesday 10PM ET : Season 3 Season Finale "Somebody to Love" 06/21/17

    Season 3 - April 19th, 2017
  3. hymen man

    Two new Oreo Flavors Vol: Cookie Dough/Marshmellow

    Curious on the Cookie Dough, diabetes have at it.
  4. hymen man

    Another Snowstorm Vol: NYC/LI

    WHY CAN'T THIS MADNESS STOP! Supposed to get 6-8 inches by 7AM, then allegedly like 16 over the weekend (or so I heard)
  5. hymen man

    Victoria Secret 2013 Fashion Show 10pm EST CBS Vol: Tonight!

    Candice Lily Alessandra Adriana :hat :hat :hat :hat Wish Miranda Kerr was still walking :(
  6. hymen man

    Favorite candy to receive on Halloween?

    Reese's/Kit Kat/Milky Way :hat underrated: Almond Joys candy corn went straight to the trash :x bought a 50 pack of assorted for the kids around town, but compared to me growing up.. trick or treating has died down each year. We get like 2-4 people tops nowadays. More candy for me :hat
  7. hymen man

    Counting Crows - August & Everything After

    I don't expect this thread to get much love on here.. but with how much "Nevermind" is talked about being one of the most influential albums of the past 20 years, why is this album not mentioned in the same vein? I'm not saying CC were as good as a band as whole than...
  8. hymen man

    Quitting Cigarettes Vol: Ecigs?

    Not sure how many NTers smoke on here, but I'm sure from past threads that it was fairly looked down on upon here. Anywho, I've been cigarette free for about 38 days now.. but I feel like I'm cheating a bit because I'm using an Ecig which still gives me a small fix of nicotine, but does not...
  9. hymen man


  10. hymen man

    IHOP Free Pancake Day Vol: Today! The International House of Pancakes is giving away free pancakes this Tuesday in honor of National Pancake Day. IHOP is giving away free pancakes in honor of National Pancake Day. IHOP...
  11. hymen man

    2013 Golden Globes

    Props to Christoph Waltz. CRANSTON SHOULD OF WON.
  12. hymen man

    Miss Universe 2012: NBC 8est-10est.

    anyone watching? TOP 10 Miss USA: Miss Brazil: Miss Austrailia: Miss Venezuela: Miss Hungary: Miss Mexico: Miss Russia: Miss France: Miss Phillippines: Miss South Africa:
  13. hymen man

    Vikings SUCK.

    I am in disbelief. Gabbert? Really? **** YOU.
  14. hymen man

    Madden 13 PS3 League! ALL FULL! Vol: Niketalk PS3 League UPDATE (ADV is 11pm EST tonight)

    OK so... League Name - Niketalk PS3 League Pw : camsaturn Commish: hymen man (psn: hass_core) The league is on All Madden 8 Minutes with 15 sec accelerated clock. Salary cap, Player resigning, Preseason, Practice will all be in tact, so please try to participate as much as you can. Leave me...
  15. hymen man

    With the Summer Blockbusters out of the way..What movie(s) are you most looking forward to? Vol: 201

    Now that the Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises have been seen by mostly everyone, we can finally get back to movies with more substance. That is not a slight on any of the movies I listed.. they were all fantastic to me and did what they were supposed to do.. entertain...
  16. hymen man

    NT Bearded Gents: Recommend me a Beard Trimmer Vol: SRS

    lookin' for something that'll give me a decent 5 o'clock shadow. Thanks in advance...
  17. hymen man

    Lettuce be cereal...

    This is the platform Niketalk deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
  18. hymen man

    Official Wilfred Season 2 Thread

    Starts tonight. Love this show.
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