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  1. lstylez23


    Im not going to lie, she low key goes :x the beat on "yo se" :{
  2. lstylez23


    Ex Black Raider Klan member from Memphis who used to go by the name Ethelwulf put out a mixtape Sitting Wulf last month with bangers.. been f'n with dude since he was with Raider Klan. pause. the production is on point.. :smokin Black Raider Klan days
  3. lstylez23

    Supreme x Liberty Arts camp cap **PRICE DROP**

    Supreme x Liberty Arts camp cap asking $55 OBO! NO TRADES PAYPAL ONLY PM me or email me [email protected]
  4. lstylez23

    ****Iman Omari**** vol. (vibe)rations

    didnt find a thread about him anyone else on Iman Omari? something to maybe bump while chillin with yambz dudes got some dope music produces and sings i feel like LA keeps dropping heat!
  5. lstylez23

    "Venice Beach" kobe 8 sz 11

    DS pair of "Venice Beach" Kobe sz 11 **asking $180 OBO** **NO TRADES** **PAYPAL only** [email protected]
  6. lstylez23


    saw this posted in general at first i was like :lol then the beat dropped and i was like :smokin :{ cant front and say this doesnt knock lol :hat yung lean got them hooks.
  7. lstylez23

    Polyester the Saint "POP"

    who else been bumpin to POP??? its been on replay for me since it dropped how this dude always capture the westcoast sound so perfectly!?? :Nthat :Nthat :Nthat this dudes beats :x :x dude is being slept on IMO, he been doing it for a minute too :{ *didnt see a thread about it*
  8. lstylez23

    weed charge vol. friend took an L

    to make a long story short close friend of mine just got caught with some weed and received a class B misdemeanor we're in Texas (figures) :{ any help or advise.. at this point we just want to know whats the worse that can happen?
  9. lstylez23

    Salvadoreños de NT CHECK IN VOL. Guanacos!

    keep seeing all these threads of other countries but im yet to see one for us salvys!  post the city you reppin or where your Folks are from moms is from San Salvador and pops is from Santa Ana Coatepeque pupusas yuca con chicarron platanos fritos this right here is crack to us ...
  10. lstylez23

    10ille - The Bronx Zoo

    xsearched for a thread of this but didnt find anything just got done listening to it im feelin it... i was actually impressed by this tape. ive heard her on a few cool kids songs and shes always on point.. Inaudible   this is a older song of hers i dont...
  11. lstylez23

    Question for those with stretched ears

    so im at a 2g right now. Ive had it for about 1month and a half. i bought the 0g and the sz. diffrence between the two looks huge. is that how its suppost to be? i already tried putting them in but they just wont go through, and im not trying to get a blowout or rip my ear. So should i wait...
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