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  1. T Lo Sweater

    Am I along thinking/feeling this? Vol family

    Am I alone in thinking this? Vol family Kinda a long read I grew up with my moms. Dad wasn’t around much if at all. Only people I’m really cool with on his side of the fam is my grandma and grandad. I visit them often My dad was always in the streets and because of that he missed out on a...
  2. T Lo Sweater

    Wanted to get some input

    I was laid off in October and had found a job in March (finding a good gig is too hard these days) Anyways this job is really good. I love my co workers, we joke, the pay is decent (could be better but still good), work is super easy. I would definitely stay here for a while and move on up in...
  3. T Lo Sweater


    26 :hat
  4. T Lo Sweater

    Twitter fingers Vol shaq vs mcgee

    I'm dying. Man shaq is a fool. And yes these are real
  5. T Lo Sweater

    What's ya birth month?

    Of course i get Kim :( you know she does to her men. Pray for me Who yall got?
  6. T Lo Sweater

    I need some input Vol. Work

    I've been at my job for a few months. Besides some issues (previous employees projects have had issues that I have to fix) I like it here. Im a project manager for a retail construction company. My friend hooked me up with this job Now I graduated with a degree in graphic design. So im working...
  7. T Lo Sweater

    Simba 2

    :rollin :rollin :rollin
  8. T Lo Sweater

    Did Nas win? Vol. Qbvp

    Thoughts on this?
  9. T Lo Sweater

    When applying for a job Vol race

    Do you guys answer that equal opportunity employment thing at the end? I know it's against the law to discriminate against someone for a job because of their race or background But i feel like even when i do check off black it may hurt me in terms of getting the job. I don't even answer the...
  10. T Lo Sweater

    Thread of the year? now with poll

    Uncle zel EWDs uav joint Official pipe print thread Don adidada...
  11. T Lo Sweater


  12. T Lo Sweater

    So guys

    Who tryna get smashed?
  13. T Lo Sweater

    Pics from my vacation Vol. London

    Was here for 3 weeks. Had enough to to and see for everyday I was there Parliament and big ben Westminster abbey The Queens house Went camping up north in the country side. Here's the tent. This was in soho Some kebab, chicken burger and fries :hat View from the sky...
  14. T Lo Sweater

    Where my suit guys at Vol. Barney stinson

    Im changing up my wardrobe a little bit. And i gotta make some room for suits. Looking to buy a new suit every couple months or so I'm new to this. Not sure about what colors mesh well or what shoes to rock with what color suit. Or even what tie But can anyone offer up some advice?
  15. T Lo Sweater


    @Jayzz :hat :hat :hat I hope you have a very prosperous and event g day my dude Lemme know when you want the sauce in sf4 I'll gladly give it Muchhhh luvvvvv stay freshhhhh 128293128293128293128536128176128176128513128513128513128175128293128293128293128293128526128526
  16. T Lo Sweater


    Im in my feels right now :(
  17. T Lo Sweater

    NT who's badder

    Lil kim or foxy? I'm talkin hardcore era kim with the phat phat. Before the surgery. Or Chyna foll/broken silence era foxy with all them curves
  18. T Lo Sweater

    tax time and i need some help

    alright so i just got some w2s (i had 3 different jobs last year) and im looking to get this done asap. preferably sometime this week. im 23 so this is gonna be the first time im doing my taxes by myself that being said, anyone can tell me what i should be doing to file my taxes? best places...
  19. T Lo Sweater

    Happy birthday to the one and only

    @omariwestafari Hope you enjoy b Get twisted and slay some of the finest :hat
  20. T Lo Sweater

    Me and my cousin..

    Man i feel disgusted. I smashed my cousin. Not even joking. Cant believe it went down We always been close. Ever since we were kids. Anyways im at her house and were watching tv. Im just on my phone and looking at the tv. She eventually puts her head on my shoulder. It was whatever. Then she...
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