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  1. big atz

    Death wish reboot

    I loved these movies as a kid. I hope they really do it justice.
  2. big atz

    Armed robbery

    So I'm at work friday closing up the store I manage and two masked people run in. I inform them that I'm the manager to draw the heat off the other employees and make the situation run smoother because I'm the guy they need to get the money anyway. My question to you guys is what would you have...
  3. big atz

    One credit card for all

    How do you guys feel about this?
  4. big atz

    I'm about to make that big step vol. #I love you Mzblue2u

    Me and girlfriend of three years are tying the knot today. This is such a beautiful feeling that i never want to end and plan to cherish until the end of time.
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