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  1. scarsorscabs

    Champagne Jerry f. Ad Rock: YO KEV!

    Rap music was white then.
  2. scarsorscabs

    IDC if this was already posted...

  3. scarsorscabs

    Nike needs to retro the Air Maxes from 1998-99

    To me, these were some of the best Air Maxes (and Nikes in general) ever released and I think they all came out in like a year & a half timeframe. Aside from the 1st ones, I don't think Nike retroed any of these, did they? Either way, it's about time. So many great colorways but I'm sure...
  4. scarsorscabs

    Man kills the 13th woman (at least) that he's stabbed in his life

    Cliffs, then you can read the article if you want: - Gets released from a SC prison in 1991 for stabbing at least 7 women (age 14-28) in the 70s, Two incidents, 2nd one is year after he's released from the 1st. 17 years served. - Moves to NY and within months gets convicted of misdemeanor...
  5. scarsorscabs

    Does anyone remember this woman? Won $1m lottery & continued to receive welfare

    Michigan $1 Million Lotto Winner Who Was Charged With Welfare Fraud Found Dead By SUSANNA KIM and ALYSSA NEWCOMB | Good Morning America – 5 hrs ago A woman who admitted to receiving food stamps after winning $1 million on a Michigan state lotto game show was found dead today. The...
  6. scarsorscabs

    Official 2012 Michigan Wolverines college football offseason thread: Recruits!!!

    Okay, bros.  Super excited about this season, we play a game today.  Hoke has us on the right track.  +!!% Rich Rod. Let's keep all Michigan related posts in this thread only.  I think that'll be fun.  No need to clutter other threads with all of our thoughts, no matter how valuable they may be...
  7. scarsorscabs

    "Maintain the swag appearance without constant readjustment"

    Harlem inventor has an unbelievable answer to a ‘sagging’ problem By New York Daily News – Thu Dec 16, 8:27 am ET By Jennifer H. Cunningham, Daily News Staff Writer A Harlem...
  8. scarsorscabs

    Brandon Jacobs is possessed

    I don't know what else to say.
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