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  1. iluvjordanxi


    Wait, wut? Yeah you just got mind blown.
  2. iluvjordanxi

    Would you have sex with Paul Rudd?

    Sorry if its a repost, couldn't find anything from the search.
  3. iluvjordanxi

    What did I just watch...? Vol. Turn Down for What Music Video

    ) I haven't been this confused since forever. This video makes Gangnam Style look like a work of Shakespeare. I couldn't stop watching, it felt like witnessing a car crash in slow motion. I had to pause the video 2 minutes in just to snap back into reality. I'm still trying to comprehend what...
  4. iluvjordanxi

    Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Conan share a ride along around Hollywood LULZ

    So many quotables. :rollin
  5. iluvjordanxi

    Mother gets maliciously beaten in front of child during a home invasion :{ Jimmies will be rustled :{
  6. iluvjordanxi

    "Now You See Me" Official Movie post thread

    I did not find a thread about this movie in the past five pages so I guess I have no choice but to start my own. This might be because I saw this movie just yesterday but imo this was better then F&F 6 and Hangover III *flame suit on*. Anyways, I watched this movie with no expectations and it...
  7. iluvjordanxi

    Do You Even Lift? Vol. Gym Edition [New Video] Do you use steroids?

    Doth thou even hoist? :lol Jimmies were rustled New Video: :eek 1:30 Not about that life
  8. iluvjordanxi

    Am I the only one that doesn't think this video is funny?

    I mean 2 million hits in 2 days? I see this video passed around on FB but I didn't even crack a smile. This is like try hard child humor to me. Am I the only one that feels this way? Just want to know if its just me.
  9. iluvjordanxi

    Attention: College graduates of NT. What is more important? College, G.P.A or Connections?

    Now a days people are saying connections are more important than where you get your degree from. I want to ask the Nters who made it out of college, what are your opinions? Successful stories about your friends? Personal experience?
  10. iluvjordanxi

    Anyone ever had luck retrieving their lost/stolen phone?

    Got my Iphone stolen at the rec while I was ballin. I'm checking wheres my iphone from icloud but still no luck. My fambs are telling me to just cut my losses and to just erase all the info in it and forget it. My iPhone is password protected so my question is, should I wait it out and keep...
  11. iluvjordanxi


  12. iluvjordanxi

    Subscription for 56 Issues of Sports Illustrated + Free NFL Performance Jacket = $20

    Not interested in SI but for those who are, here is a deal that is too good to pass up. The Jackets only have sz L-XXL.
  13. iluvjordanxi

    Simple Pick Vol. Levy Tran...OHDEARLAWD

    I would have let her sit on me with her **** blood as I ride da bike.
  14. iluvjordanxi

    This got me weak...:lol Vol. T-PLAIN & Young Joc strap

    Don't know if its thread worthy but I thought it was too funny not to not to share. :rollin
  15. iluvjordanxi

    Deciphering your GF's alterior motive Vol. Hopefully threadworthy

    Do females purposely hint subliminal message on purpose or do they just like being indirect? So for those who have/had gfs might be able to relate and for those who don't/want/learn how to get one, can listen up and learn to pick up on these signals. If a girl tells you about a movie thats...
  16. iluvjordanxi

    BEN BALLER gets his own Web Series! FIRST EP IS OUT!

    mention NT as part of your roots. :{ EP1 EP2
  17. iluvjordanxi

    LC/PC on Hawaii dunks

    Shoes do not come with the og box or extra set of laces. Can I get a couple of opinions please? Will rep if any of the answers are helpful. Thanks!
  18. iluvjordanxi

    Does anyone know a site that tells you every single release date for each shoe?

    I took a 3 year hiatus and didn't know what dropped or went on the last 3 years. I just want to do some research and a quick brush up. Thanks in advance.
  19. iluvjordanxi

    NT, Recommend me a comfortable pair of shoes for walking

    Landed a summer job at Walgreens and manager said any shoe will do as long as its primarily black. Any ideas? I was thinking some free runs or roshe if they have it in all black. I was told that I would be mostly standing and walking all day. Open to any suggestions.
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