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  1. bodeine brazy

    When dat new xbox dropping?

    I need dat.
  2. bodeine brazy

    What's the best advice NT has laced you with?

    It read something like do what makes for a great story or something like that. Share yours.
  3. bodeine brazy

    The OFFICIAL YBN Thread!!! Vol. They got next

    :pimp::pimp: :sick::sick: :smokin:smokin
  4. bodeine brazy

    Accountants on NT... what dat salary lookin like?

  5. bodeine brazy

    NikeTalk should be a paid subscription website.

    Thoughts? :nerd:
  6. bodeine brazy

    Top 13 Albums Of The Decade

    Let's get the ball rolling before these publications. Albums I know that's in my top 13: MBDTF Kiss Land Random Access Memories Daytona 24k Magic At least one Curren$y project Return Of 4eva This gon be a fun discussion.
  7. bodeine brazy

    Any dog breeder experts on NT?

    Me and my Unc thinking about breeding dogs. Can someone with experience provide tips? :nerd:
  8. bodeine brazy

    This new generation got it made

    A random thought just popped in my head. When was the last time someone asked, "Where da **** at?" Kids these days can just pick up the phone and the **** right there. The hunt for it is easier than ever yet it's still cats out here not eating. Thoughts? :pimp::pimp:
  9. bodeine brazy

    Your Phone Being Spammed With Robocalls Unappreciation Smh

    Bruh. This **** is getting outta hand. Is there a way to prevent this?
  10. bodeine brazy

    Very Insightful Article On The Corruption Of Auto Loan Companies

    How a Subprime Auto Lender Consumed Detroit With Debt and Turned Its Courthouse Into a Collections Agency The root of all evil :smh::smh:
  11. bodeine brazy

    Turning The Other Cheek as a Black Person

    I came across this video last night and wanted to have a discussion with my NT fam. Rickey Smiley says that some of the scriptures in the Bible are used to make black people submissive to systematic racism and white supremacy. Turn the other cheek. Thoughts? :nerd: (@hand2handking type beat)
  12. bodeine brazy

    No More Mondays. Colorado School District Moves to 4 Day Weeks

    ARTICLE with VIDEO What do you guys think about this? This is my first time hearing about a 4 day week but apparently many districts across the nation have adopted this concept. The motive for this move is to save money and allocate the funds saved to "items more critical to the district's...
  13. bodeine brazy

    How many here have a lot of t-shirts? vol... post them collections

    A few I own... What y'all t-shirt game looking like?
  14. bodeine brazy


    For those who may be interested... The records he's referring to:
  15. bodeine brazy

    Music that embody Black Excellence

    Was listening to WTT and the glorification of our blackness was refreshing :hat Post some music that has a similar feel.
  16. bodeine brazy

    $50 Chick-fil-A card giveaway... WINNER IS swaggyt

    Good morning NT fam :D:nthat: All you have to do is simply follow me on Twitter. If you don't have Twitter, follow me on Ig. If you're not on either, I apologize for this giveaway not being all-inclusive. Don't fret tho, there will be a giveaway in the future where all of NT will be...
  17. bodeine brazy

    Anyone have experience with registering a trademark?

    Wassup my guys... Can anyone knowledgeable on the process of registering a trademark give your boy some insight? Much appreciation for all who reply.
  18. bodeine brazy

    Business Cards

    Wassup guys. I'm looking to brand myself and I need a top quality business card that bespeaks excellence. What are some companies that can make it happen? Thanks.
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