🎵Pete and Crew..Mike Zimmer and his Cousin too..Russ with the best deep throw..But can they stop what's Cook'n with the Skol 🎵 | VIKINGS @ SEAHAWKS

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Joined Feb 7, 2008
I fully expect the Seahawks to win by 10 points or more. No Thielen, no safeties for the Vikings, it’s just not in the cards.
Joined Aug 22, 2012
Seahawks win and winning the North would just about be ours.

Vikings win there’s a silver lining to us just about controlling our own destiny to a 2 seed.

i guess I’ll just watch the game to see what happens without investing too much emotions one way or another.

**** the vikings tho
2 seed :emoji_sweat_smile:
Joined May 31, 2004
in :pimp:

almost missed this...gotta be linking it in the main thread!!

(maybe you did, I was out of it last night :lol: )
Joined Feb 12, 2005
I have this as the last potential loss all season and gave the Vikes an L here when I went through the schedule, but I'm liking this spot now after their midseason run they been on.

How they respond after the bye is everything. Hopefully the offense is still clicking and Zimmer used the bye to correct the secondary issues. Worst case: Vikings lost all momentum on O and secondary still terrible.
Joined May 31, 2004
watching this game stress free knowing i'm destined for a wild card weekend exit on the road come that first weekend in january >>>>>>>>


not srs 8)8)
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