2006 Pure Money 4’s Midsole Cracking

Joined Jul 18, 2019
Bought these new on Stock X in April and have worn them maybe 5 times and the paint is cracking along midsole.. Is this common for this model? Was living in a motel for 2 months and my window didn’t open.. my room would get humid when I took showers and I just left them out of the box on shoes rack whole time I was living there. I’m thinking the humidity caused them to crack but idk


Joined Apr 18, 2006
Yes, the 2006 pairs midsoles cracked badly.
Since your pair was deadstock and it’s been almost 14 years, the paint was definitely dried up, which caused it cracked faster and easier.

Why didn’t you buy the newer version that release a few year ago (2 or 3 years?)
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