2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Cheating? :lol:

One Local Shop Here Gives Additional Raffle Tickets For Every $20 Spent. Sometimes Spending Extra Money At A Shop Can Pay Off. Either Raffle Situations Like Described Or Truly Being A Loyal Shop Customer And Not Just Coming In For Hyped Releases.

Just The Way It Goes
Nah i was just asking what you meant. didnt know if you had someone looking out or not.

but my local shops do the same. i bought a new board and some other **** and ended up with like 12 or so tickets for the LA to Chi raffle and won.

where you from?
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Stoked To Have Gotten Through On The Local Raffle For The Dunks And Cap Yesterday :pimp:

Ended Up Jumping On The Last Pair Of Pants In This Style As Well In A Medium With Hopes Of Possibly Turning Them To Shorts Some Day.... These Style Pants Are HUGE However And May Just Be A Collection Piece Now :lol:

Wish The Blazers Were Easier To Grab This Morn But I’m Sure Everyone That Covered Their Bases Yesterday On The Dunk Was After The Second Part Today. Eventually Gonna Need Those In A 9.5, The Socks And That White Tee!
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Hit on Premier with frenzy. SNKRS only phone went live to sold out, and desktop let me enter for an L on the Blazers and Dunks.
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Everything sold out in store... I was 51st in line and got the dunks in my size. They only had one blazer left in a 13, two pants in xl and scattered sizes in the polo...and there had to be 50-60 more people behind me
U sz 10 ^ ???
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Tactics and CcS both have porcelains in store but no size 14 or 15. Still on the hunt.

Glad for everyone who hit on parras.

Can’t wait for the next installment of orange labels
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Man blazers shot up as well, that’s crazy. Yesterday John00 was helping easily because ppl didn’t want them from what it seemed to now resell being over $200
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Think I was temp banned or something. Didn’t get L screen.
I was messing with those vapor fly x on Nike ID and had country set to Japan. Probably screwed w it.
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