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Tactics delivered today. About 24 hours after I placed my order to t. Helps when you live in the same state tho. First impression pulling these out of the box is WOW, the quality is NICE. They really did their thing on them. Little touches every where you look. They even just have that good quality leather smell that's become more and more rare these days. You guys are gonna love your pairs. Good luck to everyone copping. Gonna rock mine on Halloween alllllll day! :nthat:

Edit** shout out to the candy corn lace tips! Don't be hatin' on candy corn!!
MAN, they look great here. Mine aren’t scheduled to arrive until Tuesday. So I’m a little jelly. Went ahead and ordered a pair of black laces as well. Super pumped.
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can you put the neon laces in them and take pics?
dunno, the spider web on the side is corny but the quality of the sneaker looks dope. especially the toe box.
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