2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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With all of the delays on releases it feels strange knowing what's coming out so far in advance. We see this a lot in the JB threads but seems weird for SBs. So far I'm definitely in on Safaris, and Hennessys. Maybe those green/gums coming out if the materials are really good.
I love the fact that we know what is coming up so FAR in advance. I’ve always thought that SBs communication and marketing was archaic. It’s gotten a million times better recently but It’s not 2003 anymore, there’s WAY more brands and models out now that people are into. If you let your customer know WAY ahead of time about a release it does nothing but good for your brand and your consumer.
I’m in on these.
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i usually sleep at night to replenish my body

does nikesbornothing run on pure, unfiltered instagram clout? awake all through the night reposting any sliver of a new SB that is uploaded to instagram? it has to be exhausting..

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Interesting for sure, but I’m good. I don’t do Jordan 1 Lows at all (I wish they were Dunk SB Lows), and while I can sometimes get on board with the mismatched thing (I’m generally not a fan), the nature of these appearing to have zero symmetry kills it for me. At least the last Lance Mountains were a Blk/Red and a Royal, a red and blue version of the same shoe. A UNC and a Royal are just too mismatched for me personally.
But as usual, good luck to those that want them. With the current climate, I imagine some luck is going to be needed.
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