2020 NIKE SB DUNK THREAD_____GRs and QSs added

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Dear Niketalk Dunk SB Family

So with all the dunk hype I am officially resigned to the fact that I’ll never own Medicom I’s. Now that I’ve swallowed that bitter pill I have a quick question. How’s the fit on dunk elites and are they worth $100?

Yours truly,
Me Missing the Old Days
was in the same situation when the elites came out. instant regret. I'd suggest passing on them.

big j 33

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I haven't been following shoes in years other than the occasional Lebron or Kyrie or PG release, , but I saw the other week something about the Ben and Jerrys and my mind was blown that dunks were back like this... they were my FAVORITE show back in high school and college. I started following the thread a couple weeks back and all these classics are taking me back.. man I love my dunks and might need to bust out a pair in celebration.
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A buddy of mine was heavy into collecting back a couple decades ago. Unfortunately, he had to move and sold off his entire collection way before the boom. I had no interest in sneakers at the time which is also unfortunate lol! I'd like some silver, pink, gold box era. Any leads or tips to where I could pickup some stuff without getting, you know. Thanks!
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