Air Jordan 1 High "Satin Black Toe" - August 17th

Joined Oct 20, 2017
Thoughts on how prices will go from here? My size has dropped and keeps dropping. The size 10.5 sellers are annoying (when I am looking to sell) because they always drive the market down for no reason.

How did production numbers compare to the SBB?
Joined Dec 24, 2016
Damn so sad I could've saved myself like 250 if I just waited. Ooof, might just have to buy a second and hold till the price goes up to make myself feel better
Joined Mar 8, 2019
Anyone has been wearing the satin black toes for a while? wonder how are they holding up (leather and satin materials)
I won a pair in the snkrs draw in my size but i been holding them since thought they were going to go up higher. Right now my size sitting at 350-400$. At this point im thinking on keeping them as i do like this pair.
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