Air Jordan 11 Retro "Concord" - December 8, 2018 release - $220 #45

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Just another case of some people wanting the OGs because it's OG.

Concur, I like the lower cut also.
Im glad they fixed it. The problem with the lower cut was the inconsistency with pairs and other pairs across the board. We complained for so long about the garbage they put out and referencing Lebrons hairline, that JB finally listened and fixed it. Did they go a little to high, Maybe, but Ill gladly take a consistent cut and the way it should be than to ever go back to the banana shaped XIs of 2009-2015. The main problem I have is that they switched the jumpman back to the wrong direction on the left shoe. They better correct it for the Concord, otherwise they will be an easy pass.
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I dunno ... never was a fan of XI so I'm probably not the norm but my fav XI up to this point is the 72-10, specifically bc of the lowcut + tumbled leather.

There's something about the Cords though... very farking sharp.
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havent bought much in a last few years (2 pairs in the last 2 years), but i'll grab a couple of these if released

Air Champa

formerly champa
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Sneaker Files is now saying the Bred 11s are also rumored to come out next year.

Not sure I believe that one.
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I'm in, Concords, 45 or 23 IDC, Blk/Reds too. I want doubles of both. I have the 2011 Concords and they are utter trash. I refused to buy a 2012 pair of Blk/Red XI's off the strength of the 2011 Concords. I'm so ready for both and hope they both happen.

Correction: double of blk/reds lol.
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