Air Jordan 3 retro SE - Denim w/Nike Air and Jumpman - 8/27/20 - $200

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Not bad. Still a cop for me but will for sure have some Angelus fire red paint ready for the midsole. Edit: dang it. Didnt notice the outsole. I pray this is not a final version. Was hoping the outsole would be like the og or black.
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Bruh.. they trippin. Make all these 1 offs that push back any chance of the real OG comin back any time soon. This is exactly how they’ve screwed themselves in the past.. getting folk hopes up. Then once they actually drop the OG, no one cares anymore, and they linger on shelves. With the Last Dance hype still strong right now, they should be pumping out as many OG CWs as they can make. But, Nike/JB/Gentry gonna do them as usual.. :smh:
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As long as the record profits keep rolling in JB will continue to do what they want. If sales start to dip they will come out with another jedi mind trick (e.g. remastered, true to the og) to get folks back on board and excited again.
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