Air Jordan IV “Black/Cement” - May 4th 2019


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A lot of you got your wish too because you don't see as much of the red behind the tongue from the front of the '19s
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The size and spacing of “AIR” is a direct match to the WC4 from 2016. It’s the size and placement of the Nike & Swoosh that’s doing it.
I agree with the siize and spacing of the AIR to the WC4. I was talking about the new to the 99. Nike and swoosh look exact from WC4 to this new release to me.
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How does Nike mess up the NIKE AIR placement? They just be testing some folks patience to see how much they can botch details and still see if people will buy their products.
Because it's centered for the swoosh and not the Nike, so it lines up wrong on the sneaker and according to how you look at it.

Obviously done by computers, but they should have caught that in the sample pair.
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IMO I wouldn’t say perfect but damn good! White lines and the right NA and they would’ve been really close
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The apparel they dropped is so weak it’s not funny, thank god for the Levi’s drop. F’n love these shoes though.
Top 3 jay of all time.
Very pleased with the overall result.


I pray to *****' GOD, that my pairs are EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!! The pairs in THESE pictures are the 2019's, AT THEIR ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!

This still blows my mind, blatant disrespect on JB. $200 and you can’t even try....not even a little bit. And for people saying that this is must be new.

I feel you 100%, but THIS should've been expected. The FTL, JTH, Atmos, & BC 3's, were the ONLY Jordan's, that featured an EXACT, TRUE to OG Nike Air heel tabs. Everything else on those 3's, were an absolute troll job. The height, shape, and elephant print was ALL ****** up.

Height is pretty close. 2019's appear only a centimeter or so shorter when looking at the ankle dip. We gotta remember though the 1999's in the pic have been worn and squished down a bit over the past 20 years. Quite similar none the less. Would be interesting to compare a DS 99 & 19 pair.

What did stand out is the wing height looks to be the exact same. marztharealist marztharealist would be proud.

aj4 watermark 3.jpg
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Not necessarily man. As I said before, it really depends on what size they are. Especially, on the 2019's. Some of the 19's, have a low cut ****** up height, and shape that mirrors the 2008's, & 2012's. I noticed this on MOST of the smaller sizes, like 10 and below. Sizes 10 and up are better, but a lot of the pairs STILL are lacking in the height, and wing placement department.

For example...

Check out the pair in this 2012 & 2019 comparsion video.

Both pairs have the EXACT shape, and height.

Then, look at these two size 9's, of the 1999, and 2019 below.


The 1999's are way bigger, taller, and wider than the 2019's. Don't look at the pull tab on the 1999's. Look at the actual ankle collar. Most of the 2019 pairs regardless, of the size have been very, VERY inconsistent. I mean 2019's gotta be the most inconsistent release, that I've EVER seen.

If somehow, by the GRACE OF GOD I can get THREE pairs, that look JUST like these below...


I'll be MORE than satisfied with these. In ALL honesty, the Nike Air on the heels is my least worries.


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Seriously wouldn’t recommend fraying :sick:. If anything coloring the edges someway would seem more practical. Wouldn’t want to damage the shoes in any by fraying. Colored pencil, steady hand and patients guys. Don’t take a knife or any sharp object to these. I’m begging you lol.
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