Air Jordan retro IV THUNDER QUICKSTRIKE 12/22 before the end of the year

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How does "RSVP" really work guys? I have been getting better from pre-drafting the DM to refreshing every sec on the designated  #RSVP day.  The first time I did it was for foams, and I got my DM in the first 2 mins, today I got it for under 13 second(staring at twitter all day, since mobile alert doesn't really work)  I still didn't get a confirmation.  It's been 0 for 8 now... need some advices! Thanks all.
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you really trying to talk about getting business up when youre the one spamming all the release threads before, during, and after every rsvp? youre a clown
pot calling the kettle black?
To all the RSVP snipers, how much could I pay for the program/app you use? 
im pretty sure i am now hip to exactly what they do and its completely free and from a legit, trusted and fairly known place.
Joined Aug 11, 2012
Didn't win any RSVP'S but i'm good, got one pair on lock 

Can't wait to cop!
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Another L today on the RSVP, doesn't look like it was meant to be.

Best part of the thread is seeing NTers helping each other out, something that has seemed to disappear with all the reselling these days. Hope everyone who wanted them other than me got their pairs haha.


Joined Jul 10, 2005
SP has a 14 for $275 shipped. Another official early cop for me and I can sleep the next 2 days while everyone else goes nuts over these next 2 releases.
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