**Alert DMV Snkr Robber**

Joined Jun 18, 2016
went to do a meetup and dude robbed me of my shoes!

probably ONLY
Balenciaga Triple black speed trainers
around this area
size 10

if you see ANYONE wearing these shoes, please report it or at least back to me!
msg me here or email me at my NT handle at gmail.com
There's an ongoing police investigation!

Dude is a young black male in his early 20s
around 5 foot 10
~150lbs (skinny)
into high fashion clothing and shoes...hype sneakers in general
wears size 9 shoes, mostly

at time of crime he was wearing
long sleeve white (burberry, probably fake) tshirt
black with 1 white thick stripe jogger pants

hangs around malls like Westfields and Tysons.
Likes to shop at Ubiq georgetown too. Supposedly knows one of the managers there.
Also supposedly a UMD student studying accounting (but both probably are lies)

may or may not be into drugs...he used a burner phone and his shoes he left behind smelt like weed

Heres a picture of the shoes he stole and a picture of HIS shoes (fake) that he left behind
FullSizeRender (18).jpg


His fake Balenciaga fufu sneakers he left (he probably use to wear these a lot)

Joined Mar 18, 2017
Story don't make sense. No offense. He stole your shoes but left a fake pair behind?

Sounds like it was supposed to be a trade and you got finessed
Joined Jun 18, 2016
ummm no.

I allowed him to try on the shoes he was "buying". He ran & left his gross old & fake shoes behind. Easy to follow
Joined Jun 25, 2013
ummm no.

I allowed him to try on the shoes he was "buying". He ran & left his gross old & fake shoes behind. Easy to follow
Damn man.. Sorry to hear, but it was bad news for you from the jump.
One, doubt he's a member here. Would've definitely helped.
Two, parking lot though?? (Looks like it) Out in the open?? Come on!!!!!
Three, you let him have access to both shoes at the same damn time???
Look, nobody deserves to get robbed, but you had it coming.
Joined Dec 26, 2013
who tf lets someone try on shoes lmao? never did that with a meetup and if anyone even asks I would flat out say no.
Joined Jun 8, 2012
Unless i knew them and had dealt with them in the past, i would never let anyone try on a pair of deadstock shoes that i was selling.
Joined Jun 18, 2016
for the record it was a parking lot at a bank filled with cameras and people around

we had a shoe conversation for like 2hours and he was somewhat knowledgeable

i let my guard down a little cuz it was a long day and long converation and I paid for it...this was a PSA and broadcast for everyone else in the area to be on the alert and try not to let this happen to you all too...
Joined Apr 15, 2007
sorry to hear man. Not that it means anything but im a DMVer and will keep an eye out.

There are enough of these type of stories on NT that make me realize selling on GOAT is >>>>>>>>>>>>>> any meet up
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