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I just saw the picture of it, need the high def res.

But man, that is something. Really emphasize Champion.

edit: can someone confirm if this is it?

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Heath Slater came to the ring and started ranting about not wearing a mask and flat Earth and lizard people. Drew asked him what happened to his former band member. Heath said that since his release he has opened his third eye and seen things for what they really are. He then said Drew is only champion because he’s on Jinder Juice. Then Jinder came out to the ring with a syringe. The Singh Brothers held him down while Jinder injected Heath with huge amounts of Jinder Juice. His arms became humongous like Popeye eating spinach. Drew then said Heath now has what it takes to be world champion and that the band should get back together for one more song. 3MB put on a concert of a lifetime with the best air guitaring you’ve ever seen.
You need to apply as a writer for WWE.
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