August Wrestling Thread | AEW & NXT Tomorrow | R.I.P Kamala | JOTM Marty Janetty & Chris Jericho

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dcallamerican dcallamerican - booker should have stayed away from commenting on that.
Yea, that is how I feel.

While what he says has some truth to it, Athleticism =/= Psychology, but that is a convo he needs to have with her behind closed doors.

But, that doesn't erase the fact that some of those white girls get undeserved chances.

But, it is Vince's company and he does what he wants with his toy.
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Some of the points they made were weird to me too

They say you get over based on audience reaction, but isn't that exactly what social media posts are? Especially in 2020 where the reactions in the building are totally manufactured

The "hard work pays off" advice sounds good in theory, but it doesn't always work out like that

Also don't understand why the things that she's accomplished in the past should mean that she doesn't deserve better right now
One thing I would agree with is the "Bullying people into positions" point Disco made about some modern athletes and their fans.

Of course Naomi had nothing to do with the Hashtag making noise, but I think it is a slippery slope being created when that is factored into making a creative move.

BUT, the "Women's Revolution" was sparked by Stephanie McMahon via Social Media too. (Yes she did)

So I see both sides of the fight.
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AEW steals everything..I swear they can't do 1 original thing..
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AEW steals everything..I swear they can't do 1 original thing..
AEW did an eye for an eye match before WWE. Every company is guilty of “stealing” from each other. Question for everyone. What hasn’t been done in wrestling at this point?
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Strictly enforced weight divisions would take away a lot of what makes pro wrestling unique
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