August Wrestling Thread | AEW & NXT Tomorrow | R.I.P Kamala | JOTM Marty Janetty & Chris Jericho

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Still the fiend doesn’t need the title. Taking it off of Braun doesn’t do anything for this character. He should just be terrorizing the hell out of the locker room for a while.

I’ll stick with Big E wins it before survivor series I think E taking off of Braun would be better but I’d be interested in what Bray and E could do more so in the ring.

Jesus Christ did dude mess up the chances for Forgotten sons they just stick the obvious tag team that are healthy together:lol:

I like this AJ run and I want to see more of it.

Lacey/Naomi was a bit sloppy but I likeit was a fight and hope they have more down the road. I agree with the hashtag but if the overall point was to have Lacey finally be a heel and do heel #%£¥ then I’m interested.

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Didn't know Booker said that.
Stay on code man.

@datboi81 Get your coach man.

Some good points here on both sides of the argument.

Can’t remember anything Naomi has done all year other than the RR. They should have pushed her as well as Bianca immediately after that. Burying black talent is something that happens too often.

But “hash tag bullying” as they described is also a thing in 2020 and befitting of this “entitled” millennial generation.

Naomi can have a good feud with Lacey right now. Spice things up a bit.Mix in some new elements into her routine. Come out the winner and Build the push from there.

Of course they’re going to push whoever Vince and the writers and producers want (ie) Matt Riddle, Alexa being multiple time champ and when she’s not they make her a tag team champ.
I think that all has to do with I mentioned before about there not being any black writers or producers in wrestling or not many of them at all. There needs to be people backstage that can present a character like Naomi and Apollo Crews and Big E as marketable characters and brands That will not only go well with the fans.
If that’s not happening then these wrestlers need to mix it up and make themselves stand out, present a heel turn or do something different.

Let’s see a list of talent that have been in the WWE 10 plus years and just don’t bring anything to the table anymore. They’re just collecting a paycheck. Same character, same move sets, nothing new.
10 years in WWE means nothing anymore.
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like the smackdown intro
AJ vs grandpapi Was pretty good.
BIG E :smokin.
The new shame us fit :lol:
Mandy had mad fake hair on lol
Tucker in the cut where the hell he been
Fiend and Alexa? Meh

ALL these “wrestling” companies need Better tag team
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