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Headed to Dallas for the first time! Can anybody recommend some food spots?
What area/neighborhood are you staying in?

Food court: Dallas Farmer’s Market

Veggie: Mudhen

Veggie: Kalachandji’s

BBQ: Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum

BBQ: Lockhart’s in Bishop Arts District

Mexican: Cuquita’s

Mexican Seafood: La Calle Doce

Japanese Diner: The Creek Cafe

Italian: Lucia in Bishop Arts

Burger: J.G.’s off Greenville

Cocktails: Lounge Here in White Rock Lake area

Coffee & Beer: Civil Pour

Chinese: Royal China for hand-pulled noodles and soup dumplings

Dim-Sum: Kirin Court

Korean: Koriyo Kalbi

Sandwiches: Uncle Uber’s in Deep Ellum

Fried Chicken: Bubba’s/Babe’s

German: Henck’s Bakery

Late night tacos: Fuel City / Tacos la Banqueta

Fancy tacos: Resident Taco

Dessert: Emporium Pies

Breakfast/Dessert: Hypnotic Donuts

And plenty more...I’m A fat ***.

On the real, Dallas is a low-key foodie paradise!
Pretty solid list. +1 for Lounge Here. That’s my neighborhood spot. Their food is also solid.

You can’t throw up Henk’s and leave out Kuby’s!

Spot-on with the late night/legit Mexican taco options.

Def agree. Dallas has a serious food game and steaks cannot be overlooked. Steaks and Mexican are the first things I tell my friends from Boston to try when they’re here.

Steaks: Al Biernat’s, Bob’s, Pappas Bros
For a gaudy steak experience check out Town Hearth in the design district. Very over the top decor but great food, service and cocktails.
Bob’s is the opposite. Dark, low-key old school steakhouse.
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All the spots named so far are pretty good.
For steaks I'd throw Nick and Sam's in there. Mexican I'm partial to Meso Maya. Seafood definitely Pappadeaux.

Depends on what part of the city you're willing to venture to as well. The food Hall at Legacy West in Plano is pretty dope. Its 3 stories with a bar and live entertainment at night on most weekends. Stays open till 2am. It's about 25 minutes north of Downtown Dallas though.
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For American tacos I think they're the best but on the expensive side but u know American spots they real big so u good with 2 or 3

Another new taco spot I'm liking is cinco taco i think its called like velvet with a bar
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Thanks for the Allen update. We went to Grapevine ourselves, and found nothing of note. Found triple black Epic Reacts but passed on those. Correction: The 30% disco. is on shoes only and there’s no need to be a member. I did go to the outlet next to TX Motor Speedway a couple weeks back and found AJ3 Chlorophylls everywhere.
Was at Allen today. It was a mad house. Nothing really worth grabbing in my opinion. They had a bunch of those epic reacts.
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Quick Question,

I’m looking at off loading a large part of my Nike/Jordan Collection (sz. 13). I’d say anywhere from 30-75 pairs. Is there any shop in Dallas where I could do this?
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Anybody know what happened to the Hillsboro Nike clearance store? Looked like it got shut down. Did it move elsewhere?
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Moved out here from San Diego last year and finally found a worthy taco spot... Trompo off of Singleton in Dallas. Closest to Cali street tacos I've found.
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