December Wrestling Thread/NTWT Jobber Of The Week WWE 2K

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I have too much respect for you to carry this on.

I will just say that it is wild for you to believe Rhonda wasn't the reason why a women's match main evented WM.

But we can agree to have disagreeings
I honestly think it was a combination of both. W/o each other (Becky & Ronda) I think Lesnar and Rollins would’ve been the main event. Charlotte was the unnecessary tag along. I think the match build and execution would’ve been better if Charlotte wasn’t involved.
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Didn't you say you wanted to pick Kurt Angel as your WOTD? :emoji_thinking:

He spent 1.2 years out of this decade actually wrestling, the other 66 2/3 of it hopped up on all kinds of percs and the last 33 1/3 of it being a smiling fool on your favorite weekly program, Monday Night Raw.
Thats part of the reason why i didnt! I thought yall knew what a decade was so I didnt think i would have to add that part to it :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Son worked for 1.4231 years out the decade of course you cant pick him!
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