Earthquake szn vol. y’all ready?

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The earthquakes this morning in LA got me thinking

y’all got like a go to bagor something in case buildings start to crumble?

I have nothing prepared :stoneface:
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Im in Montana, the theory is as long as we getting quakes here and there then its relieving pressure from Yellowstone.

Last July when Cali had thoae earthquakes we in flight to San Diego for vacation. Few days later we drive up to disney vicinity and another one while we were out to eat. That was my 2nd time feeling a quake
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The earthquakes this morning in LA got me thinking

y’all got like a go to bagor something in case buildings start to crumble?

I have nothing prepared :stoneface:
When we relocated back to CA 3 years ago, my wife and I created a emergency bag. Now with two kids, we want to be prepared.

Funny thing is, last July when the string of Earthquakes happened, I didn't feel none of them lmao.
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didn't hear about the la tremors, but i moved out to the pnw earlier this year and been hearing lots of buzz about the big one up around the way. with things changing so rapidly due to global warming, how could things not accelerate in that manner. the earth is unfolding and trying to repair itself
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Woke me up.

I turned the AC off and went back to sleep.
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Jokes aside, as we felt COVID would be serious and having two kids under the ages of 5, we are legit ready for nuclear warfare at this time. It was a good wake up call to have stuff prepared be it a pandemic, earhtquake(s), PG&E negligence or what have you.

Los Angeles

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felt them pretty good here in DTLA, hate to be stuck here if the big one ever hit :smh:
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There was an earthquake on Long Island about 8-10 years ago and I didn't even realize it was happening because I was ripped out of my skull at the time. :lol:
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got some supplies and food stocked in an emergency duffle bag kit if it came down to it
not much else i could do, but make sure furniture like shelves are anchored to the walls
was young during the 89 quake and remember eating out of canned foods for a few days when they shut off the gas and electricity


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nah gimme that snow and hurricane, at least i can see that coming.

earthquake is scarier, waking up in the middle of the night buck naked everything shaking isnt the move
Only the Northridge one was bad enough to do significant damage. Most smaller quakes are kind of a rolling motion. Imagine a fully loaded bus going by really close to you on a bumpy street.
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