F1 Official Thread - Grand Prix of Britain

Joined Mar 16, 2010
Red Bull goofed going for the fastest lap, Max would've had a shot if he stayed in as Lewis's tires were coming apart
Joined Apr 8, 2009
Didn't even realise Charles got on the podium. Stay collecting these podiums Charles. Well done.

My heart rate spiked when I saw Lewis' puncture. :lol:
Joined Oct 9, 2006
UGH... Picked off by Danny Ric. P5 is still good, I guess. But damn, CARLOS. Ugh.

Really tho, Lewis really lucked out. So many FL failures, but he was the only one who could keep his spot. Def. a huge element of luck there.

And I would not blame Pirelli there. 40+ laps on a set of boots on a front-limited, high speed track like SS... what did you think was gonna happen? I'm all for softer compounds next week. 2 or 3-stop it!
Joined Apr 8, 2009
Most poles at a home GP.
Most wins at a home GP.
4 wins from Schumacher.

I feel for Sainz man.

Tyre graphic that said 10% left front for Lewis was actually on point :lol:

Wasn't it 2017 when both Ferrari's got a puncture in the last stage.

Silverstone and Pirrelli is like oil and water.
Joined Apr 8, 2009
Horner said Max tyre's also had a lot of cuts and that Max had been complaining of vibrations too.
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