F1 Official Thread - Grand Prix of Britain

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^ They were designed illegally, but the ducts themselves are legal, hence RP will be allowed to continue using them. :rolleyes

how is the ferrari so much worse for seb than charles?

tuned totally to charles' preferences? seems like max v albon but worse since max is clearly an elite driver atm
Cars are usually designed with characteristics that may suit one driver more than the other. I dunno if that's specifically the case for this year's Ferrari, but from the outside, there's definitely something not right with the car, especially on Seb's side. The car looks so unstable at times that it can't be down to 'driver error' or whatnot. Maybe Charles' driving style suits it a bit more, but I don't really know.

I'm the farthest from being a Seb fan, but some of the cheap shots social media arm chair experts have taken at him have been really unfair.

Thierry Henry

formerly louislagerfeld
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Hulkenberg in 3rd? Ayyee not bad...

What's up with Vettel? He can't be that washed, or is it the car's fault
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If Hulk gets on the podium tomorrow, is there a possibility that he replaces Lance for the rest of the season? Lance is clearly not getting the most out of the pink Merc
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Oh I can't miss this race tomorrow.

Lewis hunting Valterri
Max being on the slower tyre so might get overtaken by Danny Ric at the start.
Hulk in a position to get a podium.
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Ferrari is just letting Seb down. Disgraceful.

tomorrow should be interesting. Bottas better not **** up his start or it’s game over from the get go.

Hulk in 3rd is pretty awesome :pimp:

in the unlikely case of him winning, what would RP do with Sergio
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Get that Podium Nico!!!

Shame that Danny didn't get P4, but Max will be struggling at the start.

Disappointing performance by McLaren.

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Pierre Gasly in the Alpha faster than Albon and 4 tenths off Max.

The more I think about it the more I think Red Bull is just the Max team and they don't care about the other driver.
Same thing is probably happening with Vettel at Ferrari.

Gasly is thriving back at Alpha where only a year ago he was lost.
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How long till AA gets the boot at RB? He hasn’t looked good since his promotion and the races he did, well we seen’t what happen : (

btw :pimp: @ hulk P3
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I think he would get the chop at the end of the season unless things change.

There's no one to replace him mid season because RB have used up all their young drivers.
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