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Joined Nov 5, 2007
Just got this offer, anyone else :nerd:

Got it and signed up for it. I was already paying $15 through Amazon prime. Looking forward to checking out MAX when it launches.
Joined May 23, 2005
Got it and signed up for it. I was already paying $15 through Amazon prime. Looking forward to checking out MAX when it launches.
everyone can get that offer its on their main page
i subscribe to hbo through comcast
so i have hbogo
i need to know whats good
do i get that automatic upgrade
Joined May 23, 2005
so when doe this go into effect
i have hbo and hbogo through comcast
but it dont seem like u get upgraded when u have comcast
and i aint paying extra for that bs
Joined Apr 21, 2007
I have a grandfathered AT&T wireless plan with free hbo. I wonder if I qualify for the free subscription AT&T is giving the rest of AT&T subscribers. Legit only want access to watch the boondocks since they snatched from Hulu.
Joined Oct 14, 2015
This is going to be a messy launch. First, I wasn't sure I could get it free as a Spectrum customer. Then HBO struck a deal with Spectrum and supposedly it will be free for Spectrum Silver and Gold customers. Now I'm hearing that Roku won't have it at launch? SMFH
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This free for me with my unlimited att cell data plan. Glad Fresh Prince on it
Never looked at the shows on there. I’ve been storing Fresh Prince on my DVR forever :lol: I also didn’t look into the AT&T thing which I have for cell service. Looks like I got options.

alchemist iq

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not gonna enjoy hbo max till the new seasons of the boondocks come on. grrr...

what would guys recommend to watch?
gonna be at the dmv.

Ingenious Bastard

formerly ingenious nick
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There's enough content on here to keep me engaged for several months. However, the app not being available on Roku, and the lack of an option to cast from a mobile device is a huge drawback.

Thankfully it's on PS4 (...if I read correctly.) But turning on that jet engine, just for one streaming service, is moving backwards in today's world. (Look how spoiled technology made us.)

Hopefully they update within the coming months.
Joined May 15, 2003
I might have to get this after all. Bastards took The Wire and Sopranos off Amazon Prime while I was rewatching them.
Joined Feb 15, 2008
how does it work if i have hbo through hulu?
From what I gather so far is you can download the HBO Max app and use your Hulu login to access the content. As for Hulu itself it seems like all the regular/previous HBO material is still on there but not the Max exclusive content.
Joined Jul 14, 2003
HBO cable and satellite subscribers also get HBO Max for free, as customers of AT&T TV, DIRECTV, AT&T U-Verse, Cox Contour, Optimum, Spectrum, Suddenlink and Verizon Fios TV.

One huge omission: the nation's largest cable operator, Comcast.
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