HBO: "Westworld"...Sundays @ 9PM...S3: March 15, 2020...8 Episodes Total

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Had no clue this was WW when I saw the trailer before GoT..especially when I saw Beast Mode

I'm in doe
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I liked the episode about the Ghost Nation dude

Honestly the only one I remember
I liked the Japan based episodes too. When I was watching the episodes, I was like "who the hell would pick bland, grimy Westworld over all the other interesting cultures in the different worlds?"

My friend is Lakota and really appreciated that the Ghost Nation episode humanized them instead of keeping them as stereotypical Westworld "savages" (though he nitpicked about the way they spoke sometimes)
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From time to time I've thought about giving S2 a retry. Then I catch this teaser for S3 last night and I'm like nah :lol: . Bringing on Aaron Paul for what?


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actually this makes totaly sense

first season was perspective of you as a guest kind of

second season is perspective of you behind the park scenes all the time

third is the perspective from the outside world
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So i forgot what thread I was in right :lol: So I'm watching this vid like is the name of the show 2020?

But I'm like this is cool but the entire I'm thinking to myself its time ppl admit Jesse Pinkman really can't lead a tv show on his own like that. I know he's had like 2 other series but nothing crazy acclaimed.

That this is Westworld though, meh w/e. Legit seems like a new series. Maybe they did a timeskip for the entire series and not just that one scene for the man in black even though I'm aware we really havent explored the outside world like that.
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Oooooh they got the Frenchmen in this season. You just know he’s going to be a Delos bad guy. :lol:

Bernard out here on some Book of Eli steez. :pimp:

Pls no more convoluted timeline rubbish.
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Season 3 isnt until next year though
This the type of show I'll just run in the background while I'm doing stuff. There's a ton of detail and I know I forgot ALOT about the 2nd season.

I'll do a full on paying attention rewatch probably next year while traveling
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The show had so much potential. Season 2 went off the rails and I'm not sure it'll be able to recover from that tbh

I see they're going to start a storyline of search and destroy the fugitive robots in the real world. Def going to give it another chance but my anticipation and expectations are extremely low


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I’m in because I’m hella intrigued and confused all over again and I like that...specially with Maeve storyline, didn’t she go through the ripple in Westworld, she end up in another park?...I’m so lost, they also seem to have made Delores storyline slightly more interesting, WestWorld went off the rails because her story just became stale....all shows tend to have crappy seasons, let’s not forget Breaking Bad...I rather they get the crappy seasons out the way early and focus on building a good show and deliver a good ending, nothing worst than investing 6-8 years of your life and get GameOfThrone’d at the end...
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season 2 was terrible. it felt like they were trying to outsmart people on reddit because they ended up figuring out season 1 so quick

i’ll give season 3 a try but begging they just stick to good writing and story instead of trying to get a reaction out of the audience with some reveals and twists


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Need to watch S2 again. It didn't feel like True Detecitve S2 levels of "wtf am I watching" but it was definitely a convoluted struggle at times
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