Joined Dec 13, 2004
im afraid for the price

the regular ispa with thise similar midsole is already $500

Sonny Corinthos

formerly joeclear
Joined Nov 22, 2008
I ordered a shirt from Farfetch and the website said the boutique it's coming from is Zoo Fashion :frown:

I thought Zoo Fashion was a fake store
Joined Dec 13, 2004
i like it when traditional dress shoes gets a unique take on it and when mixed in with different midsoles (got the prada oxfords/wingtips with air max sole, margiela oxfords with air bubble heel, prada creepers, etc...) so those new LVs has my interest

probably because i pretty much have dress shoes and boots in almost all traditional guise and gets boring at times so im always looking for something new and interesting versions not to mention its much more comfortable than leather soles
Joined Mar 13, 2014
Smh I guess somebody in New Orleans snatched up the red Moncler shirt I ordered via Nordstrom. Joint been stuck in transit from the NOLA since August 2nd. Had to hit up customer service to get a refund. That's why I prefer my packages not say Nordstrom because people will automatically know it's some high end ish.
Joined Dec 13, 2004
question is the price

first one was an adidas model with a prada stamp and was way overpriced... this ones a prada shoe with an adidas logo...
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