January Wrestling Thread/NTWT Jobber Of The Week D Fly

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And you didn’t answer my question. Why does she outrank Becky? You’re saying it as if it’s by an unquestionable landslide

Charlotte isn’t a complete bum in the ring. She had very good matches with Asuka and Ronda. However she’s massively overrated. Has trouble carrying lesser workers to a good match, sounds completely unnatural on the mic but is excused because WOO, doesn’t move merch, doesn’t draw money.

I’m indifferent to Becky, but her one period of overness from Summerslam-Mania is worth more than her 4 years or so on the main roster. Just like how Daniel Bryan’s overness from Summerslam-Mania 30 is worth more than a lot of people’s careers
Read what peep said

That is my response.

It seems to be a personal thing with you and her.

We can agree to disagree
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I don't even want IT to seem like I'm hating on Becky because I actually think I'm one of the only ones on here that still likes her. What she has done over the last year and a half or so has been awesome. She just isn't Charlotte.
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Nope, Ronda vs Charlotte wouldn't even be a co main. Becky's momentum and sustained overness with the fans pushed them into the main event @ mania.
I have too much respect for you to carry this on.

I will just say that it is wild for you to believe Rhonda wasn't the reason why a women's match main evented WM.

But we can agree to have disagreeings
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This supports which argument?

That Becky was undoubtedly the HOTTEST female wrestler during her peak?

Not a soul disagrees with that.
Interpret the data as you see fit

There is no need to take your strange aggression toward Becky Lynch out on me...I am just a vessel
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yall know a decade is 10 years right? Not 1.2 years :lol: :lol: :lol:
Didn't you say you wanted to pick Kurt Angel as your WOTD? :emoji_thinking:

He spent 1.2 years out of this decade actually wrestling, the other 66 2/3 of it hopped up on all kinds of percs and the last 33 1/3 of it being a smiling fool on your favorite weekly program, Monday Night Raw.
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