King Henry & his Titans March on House Arrowhead, But Don't Try to Act GQ Jimmy..The AR is accurate when the Pack Sees Red | AFC-NFC #CHAMPIONSHIPS 🏈

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Joined Feb 11, 2008
Sherman is corny to me after straight up lying about Baker. What was that even for?
Sherm is my guy and a great person overall but that **** is weird :lol:

He had a petty provable lie with a reporter before he left Seattle too :lol:
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Andy did a good job building up this team from the bottom. Seems like it was yesterday he was fired by the Eagles and taking over the Chiefs. He’s had a winning season every year in KC and only missed the playoffs once. Crazy how quick he turned over the franchise and drafted a new franchise qb. Chiefs are set to be contenders for the next 10 years. If Andy doesn’t at least get two rings out of this team he will disappointed. He will go down as the greatest coach in Chiefs history and possibly the 2nd best coach ever. Happy for the dude. He’s drafted extremely well. I was super surprised on draft night how Andy moved up for Mahomes. Never heard of the dude at the time, but Andy was right for taking the risk to give up so much for Mahomes. His plan needed up working out and he’s looking like a genius.
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Andy Reid gave Michael Vick a second chance
He gave T.O. a second chance
He stuck it out with Donovan McNabb
Never heard a player say anything bad about him
He got robbed last year by the NFL's referees
Glad to see him about to get his first super bowl trophy
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It truly is a damn shame that the 49ers didn’t draft Aaron Rodgers so they could get an extra 25 passing yards this season on 100 more passing attempts.

Easily the most overrated QB of all-time.
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Only came in here to say that it's rare that I hate being a Packers fan, but this is one of those times...
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