MTV's The Challenge: War of the Worlds - Season 33, Page 129

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Josh thought he’s in Wes level after that sorry performance in elimination :lol:

Hall brawl for the remaining players!?!? Sheesh I could already imagine the matchups
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TJ on Josh AS THE MOTHER****ER CRYINNNNNNNNNNN :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Now they all got skulls, now it's back to politics, Bananas doesn't have the numbers, I'm betting it's him v Kyle or Rogen.

I didn't see Dee ONCE. :lol: No vote, no jog, just her barrel hittin the ground. MTV straight CGI'd her off the planet. :lol:
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TJ :lol:

Wish Josh would have been eliminated sooner.

It's amazing how Bananas can get the whole house to do what he wants without them realizing.

It's like Dee has already been eliminated. If she won and they have to cut around the final. :rofl:

I think MTV doesn't make past shows/seasons available so they won't get called out for problematic stuff that went down.


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:lol: they really did clip Dee.
As much as I despised her the show is kind of boring now, I don’t really like or dislike anyone. It’s just kind of blah. Still will root for bananas simply because he’s an Og. Wish him and Wes were both still there.
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As much as I understand dee needing to be took out the paint,
it's borderline petty at this point. feel like they ruined their product by doing this much editing. Yet their still letting their other people rock.

basically doing this to an expendable (dee was no ones favorite just kinda there, more like the asian diversity hire anyway) but keeping their mainstays
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