NBA Jersey Legit Checks

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How do you tell? Just for future ref for me
1) Nike never made that style of Supersonics jersey...... Champion did. So anything other than a Champion is a fake unless its a M&N

2) Cut of the jersey is off. Look at the shoulders its a dead giveaway.

3) The Sonics logo looks horrible

Fake jersey

Real jersey

Immediately just by looking at them you can see the differences. Shoulders are way wider on the fake and like i said the Sonics logo is horribly done
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Are the jerseys on Amazon fake? The ones selling from Adidas and Nike? Reason I'm asking because I have a $100 gift card from Amazon [emoji]128513[/emoji]
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View media item 1782838View media item 1782839View media item 1782840View media item 1782841View media item 1782842View media item 1782843View media item 1782844View media item 1782845View media item 1782846View media item 1782847View media item 1782848View media item 1782849Can somebody please give me a detailed answer on if these two jersey are authentic or counterfeit. First let me describe the two. 1st jersey is a Jason Kidd Alternate jersey for the New Jersey nets and the 2nd jersey is a Gilbert arenas away jersey for the Washington Wizards. Both jerseys are big in size. I dont buy jerseys in my size cause adidas nor reebok don't make the percent size for me so I usually tailor all my basketball jerseys so they can fit the way I want them to fit. Please give me a detailed answer so I can know what to look for when I'm looking at authentic basketball jerseys. Thank you! A lot.
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^ They are both legit.  Look for the logo's on the shoulder and jocktag.  They should look like the ones you posted, whereas on fakes they almost always look terrible.  Also the general shape (cut) of the jersey, although on larger sizes it can be a bit difficult.  It also helps to compare them to ones you know are legit, for example ones worn in games, to make sure the letters and numbers are the same.

That's generally all I need but someone else could probably add more.
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