NES Classic Mini re-releasing 6/29/18 retail $60

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If they do confirm a N64 Classic, I'll get it.

I mean like alchemist iq alchemist iq , I also have my OG 64 with my OG Super Mario 64 (which I have yet to 100% with 110 stars acquired) and OG Goldeneye games..............a N64 Classic mini would save me from getting an AV-to-HDMI converter though.


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SNES Classics are literally sitting at my local Best 20 of them at a time.

Once again, and I know this message has been repetitive BUT..........literally Nintendo truly kept their god damn word when they said they were gonna make sure SNES Classics would be available for everyone and anyone. #AllHailReggie

should have done the same with the nes classic.
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should have done the same with the nes classic.
They should the very least, those that took the L will have a second chance to go after them again this summer when they re-release.

Hopefully Reggie lives up to his word again, and the re-release numbers of NES Classics matches up with the SNES Classic numbers
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Same here man. I was heavy into PlayStation 1 back in the day. Curious as to what I missed on this N64 system.
The PS1 was a goat system I didn't have one but my cousin in queens did, everything I went to his crib we played non-stop, the N64 Had a lot of fun cause Mario kart 64, was goat as well as NBA ON NBC and a few other gems.


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smh the promo run WWE could have if they plug NM/WM2000 on the N64 console

They’d be mentioning that ish before every match, it could be a win for them tbh
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let me rephrase.

i think if they do, guys like benoit get removed.

i also think that they would have to get wwe to OK it, since thq is no more.

maybe im wrong.
There are major licensing issues at play. Those games were developed by AKi (defunct) and published by THQ (also defunct). Then there's the fact that most of the roster in those games may no longer be signed with WWE or they're deceased.

If the N64 Mini/Classic is made similar to the NES & SNES Classic Mini there could be a possibility of the games appearing on them.
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