New NT gear now available on to raise money for COVID-19 relief

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Prorders shut down for shipping soon?
The shirts are already in production. Barring any issues, they should be ready to ship within a week. We're still accepting orders for now, as we ordered some extras, but an end date for the sale will be announced once production has completed.

Things are taking longer than expected with the new Alpha tees, and I apologize for the delay.

Clearly, the thread posed by COVID-19 remains dire, and we're grateful for everyone who's supported our fundraising efforts for this cause, and for our ongoing Bail Project fundraiser.

Methodical Management

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The new Alpha tees are now shipping:

IMG_2423 2.JPG

(Product photos courtesy of instyleshoes instyleshoes )

The shirt and print quality are first rate. I can't wait to see pictures from those of you whose packages just went out!

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication the final product does not include the NT logo on the back. I provided measurements and artwork for the back graphic, but, much to my chagrin, it's not present on the final product.
I apologize for the unintended omission, and we'll be sending everyone who ordered an extra sticker.

While the Alpha tees were primarily a pre-order product, we did make a few extras in case anyone needs to exchange sizes.

If you want one, we still have a few available in each size (between 2 and 5, in most cases):

We still have some stickers, magnets, and Designer Roll call tees available as well - but I believe we are all sold out of buttons, so the package deals will have to be reworked before they can be added again.

Stay tuned for those.

This will be the LAST week to order before we close down the sale and make the final donation to our selected charities!

No more orders will be taken after Sunday, July 5th - so please get your orders in now.

Just got my shipping confirmation from instyleshoes instyleshoes . Can't wait! Thanks again for all you're doing to help during these times NT Fam :nthat:
Same. Can’t wait
I hope you enjoy your new gear!

Quick question, Methodical Management Methodical Management . How do you go about finding legit charities?

Was looking to donate to the crisis in Yemen/Haiti and wanted to feel better about how I went about it
I've tried that site, it's a good site, but as always, due your due diligence when looking for a charity,
Charity Navigator is a helpful resource if you want to get information about donor privacy policies, fundraising expenses, executive compensation, etc., but just because something is placed in the "programming expenses" category doesn't necessarily mean that it's being spent efficiently.
You mentioned Haiti, so here's a particularly relevant example:

Impact reporting helps, but you really need to research individual organizations to ensure that their operations are well aligned with your values and expectations. Underrated resource: GlassDoor reviews. Like any such site, sample size matters and reviews tend to be polarized, but the general trends and common themes can give you insight into what people who actually work there think about the organization.

We do check popular resources like Charity Navigator and GuideStar, but many of our selections are informed by books or interviews about particular causes or organizations, and/or people who work in the field.


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Hey All,

Yes, all pre orders for the new Alpha Tee's have shipped out and there is some up for grabs on the site now. It's getting down to only a couple in some sizes, so now's the time. The buttons are now sold out, but there are some magnet / sticker options available still as well.

Also looking forward to seeing the posts once they start arriving in. Thanks again to all who have supported this fundraiser for Covid Relief.

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Dope stuff!
My t-shirt arrived in the mail today. :nthat:

Thanks for your support!

I'm pleased to report that we've now crossed the $3,000 mark for this fundraiser.

To help us maximize our donations, instyleshoes instyleshoes has generously covered all of the shipping costs for this sale, as well as the production costs for the Designer Roll Call tees.
Let's see how high we can push this figure by the time the sale ends on Sunday!
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