Nick Sandmann defamation lawsuit against Washington Post

Joined Sep 24, 2015
Doesnt matter how much because he did nothing to earn a dollar. All I see is another privileged white Male gets another payout for smiling on camera.
Not sure if I would call being slandered and libel at the same time doing nothing to earn it. I have ZERO sides in this fight, but when a large company thinks they can get away with something that could harm the reputation of the smaller entity, then the entity has the option and right to sue them, if the harm was wrong. Had they apologized, I'm sure it would have gone away. But when they stood and said nothing what they did was wrong, I say go after them.

It would be no different if someone slandered you for something that was 100% false and it caused you harm in regards to work or school opportunities.

Having gone through an actual lawsuit for a car accident that caused a serious injury, I thought about it and decided to go after the person. I know it's a little different, bit the same as some would not have but it's your right to file suit.
Joined Sep 24, 2015
Sounds like you think he deserved it. Because he definitely didn't do anything to "earn" it :lol:
Not splitting hairs about the difference between deserved the money or earned it. Either way he got money he was entitled to due to the news agencies false narrative. And I say good for him. Like I mentioned, I have no sides in this. I hate that he was wearing that stupid hat. Hopefully him seeing how the world is today will change his views on the person who is behind that hat.


Joined Jan 11, 2014
Please give him another chance. He is a conservative and is what we need right now.
Whatever happened to freedom of speech? These Marxist’s are out of control with their hatred of the constitution and America.
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