Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 High OG Thread

Joined Jul 21, 2012
Thinking the same, about not using the black laces because of my white LMs, but I might use the red. But I haven't laced em yet.

I doubt the price dips like that.
We’ll see in a year, but no way these are like Wings 1.
I don't have any idea how it works but wings 1s were a limited shoe with a love/hate reception. I def remember members saying that wings would go back up in price..
Joined Jul 28, 2016
These look really ******* cool on feet. Old dudes like me who grew up with the grunge style in the 90s have to appreciate these. I threw on a Rage Against the Machine shirt with black jeans and put in the black laces. Straight fire. My wife did not feel the same but it’s alright. I really like the yellowed look because they really don’t look dirty so much as really worn in and vintage. The color reminds me of the pages of an old book you would find in the library back on a shelf where no ones been in a while. I could do without all of the scuffs (could have been more subtle) but it’s okay. I don’t think I’d pay resell for these just because they’re not a shoe that you’ll wear several times a week.

One last thing, it was raining and nasty out today and I thought what better day to bust out my new shoes. It felt weird to run around in the rain in a new pair of Jordan’s.
Joined May 26, 2015
I took my son to the skatepark today and saw a kid riding aroubd in his bike w these on. Made me feel bad for buyin em when i dont ride
Joined Jul 28, 2016
I feel ya. I once saw a highlight reel of MJ's rookie season. I felt so bad I threw away my off white 1s
This doesn’t make any sense. You should have thrown out ALL of your Jordan 1s. I hope for your sake that you don’t watch a lot of highlights from the 80s and 90s or you’ll have to get rid of your whole collection of Jordan’s.
Joined Dec 4, 2012
Finally picked these up today after returning from Japan, things are fire. Might need to grab another white LM while I’m at it
Joined Apr 8, 2013
Hey guys, just got a pair of nigel 1s from stockx, while pretty sure these are legit, i noticed a minor unusual thing... the plastic tie that they used to attached the extra laces looks different than the usual ones i see in an aj1.

Or does some jordan 1s come with this kind of plastic tie?

Joined Jun 14, 2014
Anyone that aint using the white laces from these want to sell just the white lace set? Message me if so.
Joined Feb 24, 2016
Finally got em! :nthat:
Found them locally so no shipping and cheaper than stockX.
(as somebody from Europe, I'd never buy from there anyway...with fees and everything I'd pay like 600€ lol)

For the people who already have the shoe since release:
Did anybody wear these a lot?
Want to see what they look like after 1 year or so.

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