Nike Air Barrage is finally back!

Joined Jun 13, 2006

My first pair of "expensive" nikes. Got these as a Air More Uptempo consolation prize for christmas back in the day.

Waiting on the black/white colorway
Joined Jan 17, 2013
Damn, I’ve been cheering these shoes on for decades at Nike to bring these back along side with the muscle Max’s because I had both the originals back then. Bought them at the Gilroy outlets. But it’s no bueno with me with this colorway. I had the OG obsidian colorway of the Barrages, just bring back the OG colorways...don’t disappoint us real heads out here Nike.

I rememebr there was a post way back then about what shoes you would like to see Nike bring back I continuously posted they barrages and Muscle max’s.

I’m just torn why they just don’t retro the OG colorways right off the bat.

Until the OG’s colorway come out....Y’all can keep these colorways.
Joined Jun 9, 2010
I’m legit wondering if Nike gonna either make this shoe easily accessible like the diamond turfs or hard to get like the good colors of the air max 97s?
Joined Nov 24, 2006
Black and white lows will be copped...on a steep disco. LOL.

I would love to know how and what criteria Nike uses to choose what shoes get retro'd. This seemed out of the blue.


formerly the maverick 41
Joined Apr 15, 2007
Count me in for the original black/white pair *if Nike releases those* knowing them they might release them in wacky colorways and mess things up.
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