Nike Employee Store Update? (Portland duh?)

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i wish i didnt do so bad at my job interview at the employee store.

oh well, no biggie. i copped the 3M snakeskins ones.. they had them on the shelves in a full size run, i am suprised not that many people copped.
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Yup. Was there anything you were looking for in particular?

Btw I have a friend that has a few ES passes available for the month of June. PM me if you're interesred
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No, as passes are harder and harder to come by. But if ur interested in what's in stock... from reading forums, heard items available varies (with ppl saying popular items available were in really large sizes). Take it with a grain of salt, as it's secondhand info.
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Anyone been lately that knows of stock? I'm looking for some Flyknit Racers.
I went Sunday 9/11/16. They had limited selection/sizing. Wouldn't expect them to last much longer. Selection in general is a bit thin this time of year during back to school extended passes.
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Any of you guys an employee there? 

I have pass for this upcoming weekend, and was wondering if i can bring my wife and kids ( 1 is an adult, 1 is a teen), and we all have the same address on our ID's. 

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Hey, was wondering if anyone has any info on like getting a nike job internationally. I currently work of nike in uk but I'm really interested in working closer to the HQ. I've always wanted to work for nike and be a part of the bigger team. I've currently worked for Nike for a year in that year I have gone from 8hr contract to apparel Lead (salary) and PP for one of the most successful stores in Europe. I just would love to transfer to a store in Oregon/ Portland area.
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