Nike x OFF-WHITE Collection Thread - AIR JORDAN 5 “SAIL” October 29th $225


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My Ikea shows 81 on the list. I don't live in a hype area, so I may swing by Ikea tomorrow and check it out. Can you guys post pics of your rugs once you get them? Also, what's the pricing? $499?
Only 63 at mine and I think they’re all accounted for. Will likely be the same wherever you are.
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Is it FCFS? Right when the store opens, or is it at a set time? Any more info would be appreciated, my brother is interested. Thanks.
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Only 63 at mine and I think they’re all accounted for. Will likely be the same wherever you are.
Maybe so. But I’ve never even seen a single pair of OW shoes in the wild where I live so I think my chances are good.
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Used to do this for kicks all time. Now I just enter endless raffles and never hit on any of them.

I never minded guaranteeing a purchase by putting the time in.
And that time could be used to make real money. Unbelievable mindset.
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Wore my Tulip ZF once to convince myself my TTS wasn’t too small, but put em on again the other day and within 30 mins had to take em off as it was making my big toe numb.

Was hoping I’d be able to sell and re-cop a size up but this 13 gonna get like 275 and the 14s are going for nearly 450 smh :smh:
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Can anybody do me a solid and LC these for me?can anybody do me a solid and LC for me??
Thanks in advance!


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Man I want that rug, but all sold out here in Chi, is resale crazy on this thing? Some in Ohio, may have fam grab and ship to me but that might be same price as resale, so i'll see
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