Nike x Sacai Collaboration Thread

Joined Dec 24, 2016
Can’t decide if I want to cop those white Nylons or the Purple joints 😭😭😭
Idk, depends on what's in your closet I guess. Like say you had court purple 1.0, I'd say stick with those and skip the 2.0. If you already have a pair of sacais, I think you could skip the white nylons. Sacais are nice, but having both nylon and mesh, I'd lean mesh over the nylons. Nylons will get dirty too fast and the ribbon laces would be swapped out instantly.
Joined Jul 18, 2016
I have the black nylon joints but the white ones SUPER tough too. I'm probably gonna get the purple joints but that mesh look DUMB fragile. I don't know why they didn't at least double layer it or something.
Joined Jan 7, 2013
Debating on scooping either the original black mesh vs the summit white pairs next. Think the white pair is cleaner but I like the double layered aesthetic on the blacks more
Joined Mar 4, 2013
Summit whites are my favorite colorway. So clean man. Def go with those. The grey sets the shoe off so cleanly.
Joined Jul 10, 2015
For the people that purchased the Nylons from Sacai’s website - did it include tags? Also, did the box sticker not include the MSRP? This differs than the pairs from Nike. Thanks in advance!
Only the pairs from Nike US will have MSRP on box sticker, for Nike JP release, you will always see a tag attached on shoe just like the picture you show, no worries
Joined Jan 7, 2013

has anyone seen this tag on the inside of their Sacai’s before? Copping from a local seller
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