October Wrestling Thread | Nitro #14 Tonight | RAW Tonight | JOTM Lars Sullivan, Joey Ryan & Vince McMahon


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Did you know that despite being heavily associated with Mexico, masks were first introduced to Mexican wrestling by an American named Cyclone Mackey?

Is that true?

I would love to learn more about the origins of luchadors masks if you have any links/vids.


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Damn Braun Hardy getting submitted and being used as fodder as an example for Jey Uso.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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Lol Braun was over as **** not all that long ago, but a combo of his own doing, getting concussed by Brock and getting thoroughly dispatched by Brock killed him off. He got over organically when he originally split from the Wyatts, the Reigns feud where he was just destroying stuff legitimized him. Then Brock washed him and started teaming with Marko Stunt’s cousin and it was over.
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