Official AUTHENTIC NBA JERSEY Post - Bringin Back the JERSEY ERA... (Info/Guide = Page 1)

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I was obsessed with these cards, people forget Philly had an All-Star PG wearing #3 right before Iverson

haha i was looking for that style of AI jersey in white for the longest, finally saw one on ebay. clicked it and it was a barros jersey... i was like ****
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Mfiondu from the Clippers went to my high school and I had no idea dude played basketball. Now he got drafted to the Clippers loooord.

Debating on dming him for a jersey hook up but I never knew him like that
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New pickup: 2004-2005 Chris Webber Sacramento Kings Home game issued/possibly game worn Reebok jersey, size 52 + 4 inches. This is kind of a "recoup" for me, as I bought the retail authentic about 15 years ago and regretted selling it, now I have the better version lol.

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i don't but i've seen one they did for someone else and the results looked better than in-arena customization
I haven't messed with EPS since the whole rev30 mesh thing, but this is a Hockey jersey they've done so I guess it wouldn't be hard for them to do a Nike NBA jersey with the same technique...

Also, warriors have one of the top 3 best jersey kits this season, so glad they brought back the "The City" jersey and I really like the black and blue "The Town" jersey. Obviously the throwbacks go without saying, fire.

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