Official New Balance Thread

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I’ve been eyeing these too, used the signup code and got for $178 free ship. Thanks! Really like these.

Man new balance is on one helluva run lately. Barely buying any other brands at all the past 6 months.
How did you get down to $178? I got sign up 10% which dropped it to $189. Thanks in advance.
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Dude I have no idea! I was expecting 10% and somehow got 15%.
Sweet. I’ve done a lot of SB business with Premier and they have wicked good customer service IMO. I never worry about anything sketchy happening left unresolved with those guys.
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So in hand i have all 3 577 collabs. By far, the best one to me is sns but they are all decent at best. Those 577 GBP that nonheinous nonheinous posted are better than all of them. So as usual, NB GRs are better than their collabs.. To me at least
I see that as a bit of a positive for us that just enjoy the brand not necessarily all the hype. I’ve seen you get stoked over a basic pair of inline Vans. I feel the same. If it’s quality and I like it, I’m good.
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these are indeed real USA made 577s from the late 90s
you can also tell by the hangtags. original 577s have really bad shapes. once the 577 moved over to UK production, the shape greatly improved.
back then NB did make widths in 3E and 5E (youll also notice 3E and 5E widths on original 998s and 999s and 1300s etc)
it wasnt until later that they switched to just 2E 4E and 6E and discontinued the 3E and 5E
i almost bought those myself but noticed the width in the picutres and decided not to bid.
This is all true. The 3M tag is a giveaway that they are from the 90's along with the tongue label. New Balance actually made shoes in a 5E width exclusivly for Hitchcock Shoes up until the early 2000's and they would advertise as the only place you could purchase a 5E (When most shoes only went to a 4E).
This is why the tongue label says H577
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best of 2019 by far
end purple x-90


madness grey 990v2

640 (1).jpg
Both Madness colorways were great... unfortunately they were impossible to grab

I like the other COMME des GARÇONS Colorway, looks like they are starting to pop up at shops overseas hopefully they get a WW release soon
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I grabbed the 997 Snakes... I like the Bear joints too, just not for $240... You fellas think they will last to go on discount?!? :nerd:
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