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Raffle is open for the Slam Jam 990v3.

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C-cap is older and way before Revlite. C-cap is used on some older 576s and a few other models. I'm gonna ask around and see what's up with these mt580s

Doing some researching... found this website here .

Encap Vs Revlite

Would the "C-Cap" be the soft EVA cushioning with the Revlite compound surrounding the midsole rim (and not the stiffer rim?) or is this entirely 'newer/older/different' technology?
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Quick question , do 993 fit similar to 990v4 ? I wear 11.5 in 991 and need to know if that’s the size I need in 993
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I feel the same. Always love the shape of 997 but it is literally to walk in a 997 all day. I put the 997SGR to test for 7 straight days in a recent trip and is very happy. Would love a pair of 997SNV
100%. 997SGR looks so cozy actually, need a pair down the line. I feel like the 997SNV is the best one to get overall.
The color blocking makes the design stand out.
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