Official New Balance Thread

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April 24th new and Levis .com only (apparently).
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April 24th new balance and Levis .com only (apparently).
It says that it's releasing on NB's website too.
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April 24th new and Levis .com only (apparently).
I really want these, but I’ll be ok if it doesn’t happen
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I really want these, but I’ll be ok if it doesn’t happen
Yeah, I feel the same way. I'm definitely going to try for them, but won't be too upset if I don't get them. I have the Cone Mills denim 1300 pair from a few years back, so it won't be the end of the world if I don't have two pairs with denim.
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Yo those SOB sold out FAST on Jcrew. I didn't expect them to move that fast at only 25% off. The 40% extra sale wasn't applying to them so I thought they'd sit for a bit lol.
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DTLR has M992GR (Grey) in sizes 11.5, 12, 13 for $175 (no disco) in case anyone is still looking

they also have M992MC (Multi Color) in near FSR (no disco)

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