Official NY Knicks 2020-2021 season thread.

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10+ games in do you guys think RJ made any improvements from last year? Or is he just getting more minutes?
I think he’s improved all areas of his game minus the shooting ofc

His activity on defense and off ball movement have improved imo

His on ball defense is still solid and does a good job of staying out of foul trouble

His FTs have improved if only a little bit too

RJ is doing everything well except shooting the ball

I think his struggles are a combination of him being in his own head and the workload he’s given

Pushing him back to around 36 minutes a night would benefit him greatly
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I don't think his shot will ever improve much.

His form seems forced even though it's one motion, he never squares his feet to the basket (even at the FT line), and his hand placement on the ball seems way too uncomfortable. At best maybe a 32% 3pt shooter. He's making lefties look bad. We need to hire Lonzo Balls trainer.

Off ball movement, penetration, and defense has been solid though.
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Don’t really know who we’d let go at this point but there are some solid free agent bucket getters and shooters out there that I wouldn’t mind having

Michael Beasley
Kyle Korver
Courtney Lee

To name a few
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