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Greenwald is really the worst man :smh:.

Side note. One of my close, close homies (a brother too)...done went down that Joe Rogan, libertarian, wormhole...and this ***** sounded ridiculous the other day talking to him about politics :lol:. He was talking yang, Bernie or bust nonsense. Luckily, I broke some **** down to him...he’s reasonable and noticed he found himself kinda caught up in the bro culture etc..and half truths.

**** is wild seeing It first hand lmao.
Couple points:

-I think having a body language expert on in regards to Bernie's comments is kinda BS. Just like I had a problem with red mpls red mpls taking issue with Warren's supposed "performance", I really ain't buying one way or another this lady.

-Joy Reid doesn't like Bernie all that much :lol:. I think now part of the reason is how hostile his supporters are toward her. A lot of racist and sexism **** gets flung her way online and at times it seems like she uses her show to jab them back. She raises some good points about Bernie sometimes, other times I think her takes are bad. Bernie supporters having such an issue with her is laughable though.

Like I have said, I am generally not that sympathetic to Bernie supporters whining about unfair treatment of Sanders in the media is all that unique. Sanders seems to be getting the same shake most Dems get. Secondly, there is an extensive network of pro Sanders online media outlets that make all kinds of BS argument in support of Bernie. Joy Ann Reid is no where close to Young Turks or even Krystal Ball level of buffoonery.

-When is comes to modern day American politics, Greenwald is trash. Dude is like the Tulsi Gabbard of the media. His whole downplaying of how dangerous the Trump Administration on Fox News is extremely problematic. He now like to stand on a high horse and be like he is fighting real fascism in Brazil, so he looks down on the resistance to Trump in America. Like your self righteous *** can **** all the way off.

-Yeah, in my own life I have seen what happens to people when they go down the rabbit hole of online media. Rogan is a gateway to so much nonsense, especially the alt-right.

And from my interaction with students, and my friends, I have seen a growing number of them getting hostile to fact and reality when it doesn't align with their political views. It is shocking how much pushback I have gotten when I tell people "M4A is not the only way to get to universal coverage". Yang supporters are a whole different problematic beast. But I honestly think the appeal to some people, especially the real bros, is that they think a Yang or Sanders presidency is only really gonna restructure class dynamics in America, while leaving others in mostly place. I say this because these folk sound like conservatives and libertarians with the amount of anti-liberal criticisms they push out. Complaints about "identity politics" are always a dead giveaway in a conversation to me.
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Wonder how many results this thing would get if you enter Parnas' face. Man takes more selfies than a whole school of teenage girls.
Some parts that stand out to me.
In July, a detective in Clifton, N.J., urged his captain in an email to buy the software because it was “able to identify a suspect in a matter of seconds.” During the department’s free trial, Clearview had identified shoplifters, an Apple Store thief and a good Samaritan who had punched out a man threatening people with a knife.
I would love to see how they can reliably search through 3 billion photos in a matter of seconds. I'm pretty sure the algorithms that match fingerprints take tens of minutes.
Despite that, the company said, its tool finds matches up to 75 percent of the time. But it is unclear how often the tool delivers false matches, because it has not been tested by an independent party such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a federal agency that rates the performanceof facial recognition algorithms.
This is terrifying.
One reason that Clearview is catching on is that its service is unique. That’s because Facebook and other social media sites prohibit people from scraping users’ images — Clearview is violating the sites’ terms of service.
Facebook is probably just mad that they aren't getting paid. It's pretty easy to scrape the web for data.

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1. I am against voter suppression tactics, period.
2. I don't know, but if that is the intended result that is truly disgusting.
3. I am not okay with pushing policies that intend to suppress black voter turnout.
If a party is intending to suppress black votes that is something I am against and it would be a factor in my voting decision.

If a party makes efforts towards positive prison reform that is something I support and it would be a factor in my voting decision.
So you voted for Stacey Abrams... or?

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Secret ballot aside... I don’t live in Georgia
Secret ballot aside, you've had no problem expressing public support for other Republican candidates, including Donald Trump.
Why is that an issue now?

One can't help but wonder, given your stated positions, how you would have voted in that particular election in your home state.


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John Dowd cc'd Kevin Downer in that email the day before Parnas' arrest but Kevin Downer (Manafort's lead attorney) wasn't even representing Parnas at that time.
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