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Twitter really needs to step up and delete his account. The actual president is retweeting a doctored video of Biden playing F the police. I mean, I don’t even know what to say. This guy really outdoes himself somehow all the time.

And I ****in hate that Twitter labels it “manipulated media” nooooooo, how about you delete the ****in tweet. ****in idiots.

"I have it already"???

I'm surprised he didn't say he already passed it and we were too into the Russia hoax to notice it.
I took a break from this thread because this guy actually hurts my head. He is beyond dumb and he thinks everyone else is.

I appreciate him confronting Trump and calling him out. I feel like we rarely see people do that and I don’t understand why.

RIP sleazyy

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**** I want to fight someone over this. Destroy ICE and fire all of its staff, he’ll put its staff in the same cells they are currently guarding.
got some clarity on that, those numbers represented one facility. it doesn’t lessen the blow at all but I just wanted to clarify the information.
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I appreciate him confronting Trump and calling him out. I feel like we rarely see people do that and I don’t understand why.
When we talk about money in politics, there is very little mention of money in the press. The most watched news in the US are for profit, and most of those channels run on a model that is not designed to inform but to keep people engaged (unfortunately through outrage) and sell those eyeballs to advertisers.

If Trump got fact checked hard every time he went on a non-rightwing TV set, he would stop going, people would stop watching, and executives would make heads roll. You should see what happened when some of the fools in the administration wanted to run the same misinformation schemes on British TV. They got run out of town by serious journalists.
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You guys should watch the “social dilemma”

does a pretty good job of explaining how the brainwashing has been so strong lately and the evolution of fake news.
Amazing doc. They need to regulate all of this **** or it’s over. Also funny how none of the WHITE guys can explain where it went wrong. Like, capitalistic greed is the problem here, guys.
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I don’t even watch the news. I read stuff on here and get lols from Trevor Noah and listen to NPR when I’m at work big rigging.

**** is too toxic and I don’t need that.
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